A Narrative Inquiry Approach Investigating Black Males' Reading Motivation and Their Perceived Sense of Belonging in K-12 School and Public Libraries

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Davin J. Carr-Chellman


Previous research shows that young Black males have a difficult relationship with literacy and reading motivation (Husband, 2012; Robinson, 2019). This study investigates the characteristics of a Black male's culture of reading to determine library use. The second phase of the study utilizes critical participatory action research and narrative inquiry method design to collect qualitative data through semi-structured interviews. The final section provides a Logic Model for increasing the reading motivation and library use of K-12 young Black males, identifies stakeholders, and suggests resources and organizational interventions based on Radical Empathy, Funds of Knowledge, and Human-Centered Design Thinking. The study's findings are discussed, along with recommendations for future research and extension of the study's scope.


African Americans, Black Studies, Early Childhood Education, Education, Department of Educational Administration., Library Science, Literacy, Multicultural Education, Reading Instruction, Secondary Education, Social Research, Organization Theory, Black, African-American, males, boys, youth, adolescence, literacy, school library, public library, reading motivation, literacy, education, cultural relevance

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