School-based assessment methods for identifying students with anxiety: a survey of school psychologists

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Ed.S. in School Psychology


Department of Counselor Education & Human Services


Advisor: Elana R. Bernstein


The present study investigated current anxiety assessment procedures used by practicing school psychologists, as well as the most common barriers they see to the assessment process. A statewide survey of practicing school psychologists was conducted. The participants included (n=111) licensed school psychologists employed in the state of Ohio, who were also members of the Ohio School Psychologists Association (OSPA) listserv or who attended the OSPA spring (2013) conference. Findings indicated the most frequently used assessment method was interviews, while the most frequently utilized measurement tool was the Behavior Assessment Scale for Children, 2nd edition (BASC-2). The most frequently reported barrier to using evidence-based assessment methods for anxiety in the schools was the lack of available time. Implications for assessing anxiety in school-age youth are discussed.


Anxiety in youth Diagnosis, Anxiety in adolescence Diagnosis, School psychologists Ohio Attitudes, Adolescent psychiatry, School Counseling, Psychology, Psychological Tests, Anxiety, School psychology, Evidence based assessment, assessment methods, Best Practice

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