Design Fabrication, and Initial Characterization of a 13 kWe Metal-Halide and Xenon Short-Arc Lamp High-Flux Solar Simulator with Adjustable Concentration Profiles Using a Horizontally-Translating Central Lamp

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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Andrew Schrader


A novel, low cost, high flux solar simulator has been designed and built for the University to be able to undergo research on systems that need testing under high temperature solar irradiation. This simulator will feature four 2500W metal halide bulbs focused with elliptical reflectors, as well as one horizontally translating central 3000W Xenon short-arc lamp with a parabolic reflector and a convex lens acting as a secondary concentrator. To aid in the design, alignment, and characterization of the simulator a detailed Monte Carlo Ray Tracing suite has been developed. These models show that the simulator can produce a flux of 4.5kW/m^2 or around 4500 suns.


High-Flux Solar Simulators, HFSS, Xenon Short-Arc Lamp, Metal-Halide Lamp, Elliptical Reflector, Parabolic Reflector, Concentrating lens, Monte Carlo Ray Tracing, MCRT, Concentrated Solar Power, CSP

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