Efficacy of targeted recruitment strategies on students' knowledge of and interest in school psychology


Amanda Fritz

Date of Award


Degree Name

Ed.S. in School Psychology


Department of Counselor Education & Human Services


Advisor: Susan Davies


The purpose of the present study was to examine the efficacy of a recruitment presentation conducted during School Psychology Awareness Week on increasing undergraduate students' knowledge of and interest in the field of school psychology. A program evaluation design was utilized to determine if targeted strategies were an effective means of recruitment for the School Psychology program at the University of Dayton. Eight Ohio universities were selected and agreed to participate in the study, yielding a total of 192 participants. Participants were given a pre-School Psychology Awareness Inventory (SPAI) to assess their knowledge of and interest in the field of school psychology, among other areas. Participants were then shown a PowerPoint presentation on school psychology and provided with informational brochures on the University of Dayton's program, along with the contact information of the researcher, her thesis partner, and the University of Dayton's program coordinator, Dr. Susan Davies. Immediately following these targeted recruitment strategies, participants were administered the post-SPAI to re-assess their knowledge of and interest in the field of school psychology. Results demonstrated that both knowledge and interest increased significantly between pre-SPAI and post-SPAI, indicating the targeted recruitment strategies were effective in increasing awareness of and interest in the field of school psychology. Implications for future recruitment of students in school psychology are discussed.


School psychologists Recruiting, Graduate students Recruiting, School psychology Study and teaching (Graduate), Psychology, Educational Psychology, Education, school psychology, recruitment, recruitment strategies, interest in school psychology, knowledge of school psychology, School Psychology Awareness Week

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