Integral Instructional Coaching: The Need for Effective Feedback to Develop and Retain Teachers

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Elizabeth Essex


The impact of COVID-19 on teachers is still being assessed. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic this practical action research study action plans for how schools can shift their professional development protocols to be more responsive to teacher’s, particularly new teacher’s, needs. The action plan is grounded in data from a series of phenomenological interviews with teachers who started their career during or following the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this study was to hone the lived experiences of new teachers at the research site during the reopening process following an extended school shutdown due to the COVID19 pandemic. This research is grounded in a framework comprised of best practices in instructional coaching, and the School Organisational Health Questionnaire. The challenges faced by teachers in this study are specific to their lived experiences, but the solutions proposed in the action plan can be applied to schools across the country.


Instructional Coaching, Professional Development, COVID-19 Reopening, K-12 Education, Educational Action Research

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