Con Voz y Voto: A Mixed Methods Emancipatory Action Research Study in the American South

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


James Olive


The problem explored in this study addresses the disparity in community outreach efforts for the Latinx community in Aventura County (pseudonym). Considering the growth in the American South and the growth of the Latinx community in Aventura County specifically, there is a need to analyze Latinx engagement in community outreach programs. Further analyzing integration and acculturation practices, an understanding of the importance of political trust, and cultural awareness in community outreach initiatives (Brenner, 2009) is equally necessary. This study applied an emancipatory action research approach in tandem with Yosso’s (2005) community cultural wealth framework to answer the central research question: How can community outreach programs be more inclusive of the county’s Latinx community? A connecting mixed methods approach was utilized in this study to provide insight into how community members feel about Aventura County efforts via one-on-one semi-structured interviews and a public community survey. The qualitative data revealed that there were numerous gaps in Aventura County’s outreach efforts to include the Latinx community. The quantitative data revealed similar findings, highlighting the Latinx community’s reliance on each other to navigate county offices mostly when necessary and not participating in outreach efforts due to time, language, and awareness barriers. This study’s concluding Action Plan outlines steps to address the opportunity gaps discussed. The Action Plan steps include assembling a Latinx affairs committee, candidly and publicly discussing the 287(g) program, providing cultural competence training for staff, establishing satellite offices throughout the community, and prioritizing language access.


Community Cultural Wealth, Community engagement, Action research, Political trust, New Latinx south

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