Improving Mathematical Outcomes for African American and Latinx Students

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


James Olive


This mixed methods study focused on why mathematical outcomes for African American and Latinx students are substantially lower than any subgroup at an Ohio elementary school. A critical participatory action research design and phenomenological approach was used to uncover what teachers and administrators deemed effective in improving math instruction and quantifiable data that explored proficiency and growth of African American and Latinx students compared to their White peers. Results indicate that opportunity gaps and the absence of positive relationship between African American students and teachers negatively impact their mathematical performance. The proposed action plan calls for: ongoing professional learning on community cultural wealth, the adoption of CRP framework, weekly professional learning communities, after-school program, and alternate times and spaces for PTO meetings.


opportunity gap, community cultural wealth, disparities in math outcomes between African American students and their peers, improving math outcomes for African American students, educational debt, achievement gap

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