Building Succession Management through Competency-Based Rubrics: A Case Study of Women’s Crisis Services

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Elizabeth Essex


While succession planning is not a new concept, it is often underutilized across a range of organizations. This participatory action research study developed a framework for developing a succession management program through competency-based rubrics. The action plan was developed utilizing a case study methodology, understanding the lived experiences of Women’s Crisis Services (WCS) staff members as they prepare for and undergo a transition in leadership. This research is grounded in Russell and Sabina’s literature-based model of succession management and Dreyfus’ model for skill acquisition. The rubrics developed through this work outline the necessary competencies for organizational leaders and, when successfully implemented, serve as a foundation for a strategic succession management model. While this work was developed based on a single organization, the process and templates can be replicated for other organizations.


1.) Succession Management 2.) Competency-based Rubrics 3.) Succession Planning 4.) Organizational Transition 5.) Organizational Competencies

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