Developing the Personal and the Professional Addressing Teacher Attrition through Self-Care & Leisure Programming

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Davin Carr-Chellman


This multi-case study explored the well-being of six former preK-12 teachers during and after teaching. Using the framework of self-care, the purpose of this research was to investigate how teachers’ health, well-being, resilience, and other internal characteristics intersect with external factors of teaching and schools; accelerating teacher stress, burnout, and attrition. The major themes revealed included ineffectiveness and difficulty in early teaching careers; negative impacts/barriers to effective teaching and self-care; Covid impacts on teaching; school violence impacts on teaching; positive affirming experiences in post-teaching life, and finally issues/suggested policy changes. To address these negative impacts on teachers and the school community, leisure programming is presented as a pathway to personal development, to be paired alongside professional development.


teacher self-care, former teachers, teacher attrition, school health and wellness, employee health and wellness

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