Improving Job Seeking Outcomes at the Baldwin Public Library: A Qualitative Inquiry

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Elizabeth Essex


Employability is key to libraries as they continue to diversify their services to include career services to meet the job seeking needs of community members. But not all community members are aware that libraries play a key role in preparing the workforce. This dissertation probed and sought ways to improve job seeking outcomes for patrons in the Baldwin Public library. A qualitative, participatory action research study used a phenomenological research approach to understand the experiences of library patrons’ job seekers for the purpose of improving job seeking outcomes within the system. The study’s action plan recommendations include the development of a learning center, programs as symbol of family ties and more which support and improve job seeking outcomes.


Libraries, employability, information poverty, job seeking outcomes, career services, employability assets, job search, action plan

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