Diverse Needs for Diverse Buildings in a Time of COVID-19: Teacher on Special Assignment

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Ricardo Garcia


This participatory action research study took the conceptual framework of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), collaboration merging through solid relationships to analyze the realities of the teacher on special assignment (TOSA) role and the job description. This study involved individual interviews and a focus group; both were coded using inductive coding. The results of this study revealed themes of SEL, collaboration, relationships, transitional needs, and future job recommendations. In collaboration with the director of student support services, a two-goal action plan centered around continuing SEL growth and improving this role in the future was made. Due to financial needs that hold significant impact, Westview cannot consider this action plan as their focus and area of need do not align at this time.


social-emotional learning, SEL, Teacher on Special Assignment, Covid-19, student support services role, collaboration, relationships, participatory action research

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