Teachers’ Perceptions about ESOL Students and Their Impact on Teaching Practices

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Elizabeth Essex


Deficient thinking about native Arabic-speaking students and challenges in teaching English as a second language in international schools lead to perceiving second language learners as low achievers although they have promising intellect. This action research study explores teachers' perceptions of second language learners and how it impacts their teaching strategies. The data indicates a deficit of thinking about second language learners and a lack awareness about second language acquisition, which negatively impact providing effective teaching strategies. Cultivating an asset-based approach to support ESOL students, implementing L2 reading education, and professional development sessions regarding evidenced-based practices are three activities proposed as a solution to challenge deficit thinking and improve the learning environment for ESOL learners.


1.) Second Language Learners 2.) Native Arabic Speaking 3.) Approach Academy 4.) asset-based approach 5.) Deficit Thinking

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