Raising the Roof on Parental Involvement

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Elizabeth Essex


Parental involvement in schools can make a difference on the success of the children at the school. The parental involvement in inner-city schools has been researched on the positive effects it can have on schools. However, there is not a best practices method of raising parental involvement. This research looks at the parental involvement at Roosevelt Elementary School. The research included why the parents and/or families were not involved and different ways the school was able to include more families to be involved at the school due to less than 10% of all families in the building being involved in activities. The literature review opened up ideas and ways to begin searching but provided little help on the best method to use. Bronfenbrenner (1979) and his social-ecological theory focusing on relationships became the framework to developing ways to raise parental involvement. The action research included sending parents open-ended questions to find why parents were not involved and what activities they would like to see at the school to be part of. The surveys were carefully analyzed, and an action plan was created to help increase parental involvement at the school. The action plan is currently being enacted and results from the beginning actions are shared. The implications of the study are the findings may help to develop a method for schools to use in order to increase parental involvement in an inner-city location.


parental involvement social-ecological theory inner-city school

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