Expanding Opportunities: Applying the Framework of Cultural Geomorphology to Investigate Potential Benefits of International Art Exchanges

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Elizabeth Essex


Considering the high cost of shipping, the extensive nature of government customs policies and procedures, and the risks associated with art fraud, copyrights, and art security, research gaps about the benefits of international art exchanges limits the opportunities for individual artists. Using Goudie and Viles’ framework of inquiry, this mixed-methods action research study investigated international art exchange benefits from two groups of German and United States artists. The results of the study indicated several benefits including the ability to critique/compare art styles with their overseas peers, the stimulation of international art meetings, and the appreciation of other cultures. The action plan included the creation of a systems-level model for international art exchanges to expand worldwide exchange opportunities to more individual artists.


International Art Exchanges, Digital Art Exchanges, Small Gallery art exchanges, Sharing art internationally, art exchanges, inclusive international art exchange practices for local artists

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