The Importance of Integrating Video Games: A Case Study of College Students in Literacy Classroom

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M.A. in English


Department of English


Advisor: Jennifer Haan


A major focus of this paper is to demonstrate that adults can benefit from educational video games in literacy classrooms. By reviewing studies on video games in education, I aim to determine the importance of educational video games by observing and interviewing English language learners who play adventure and commercial video games. Moreover, I examine the language and literacy in games such as Fifa, Fortnight, Call of Duty, Black Ops, and Apex Legends. Teachers lack experience and knowledge regarding video games that can serve educational purposes, resulting in existing limitations. Based on my review of the current literature, I confirm Heins' claim that adventure video games would not replace the teaching of core content, but rather reinforce concepts and skills. As confirmed by Lacasa, Martinez, and Mendez (2008), the objective was to explore concepts and themes, demonstrating how it could be used to promote literacy skills and promote multimodal communication. Considering this, it is my hope that educators can integrate educational video games into their teaching practices to improve student achievement. Last but not least, I suggest future research and recommendations for student learning and instruction.


Video games. Educational video games. Commercial video games

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