Tunable Filters for Novel Optical Components

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Ph.D. in Electro-Optics


Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics


Advisor: Andrew Sarangan


Photonics-based technologies are becoming increasingly common in consumer and industrial applications. Many of them require light manipulation such as intensity modulation, phase modulation or polarization control to achieve their desired functions. These require tunable optical materials. While liquid crystal-based tunable devices have been the defacto standard in most applications, the need for higher speeds, compact size, light weight, temperature stability, longevity and robustness have required researchers to explore alternate methods of achieving this tunability. This need forms the basic inspiration for this work. In this dissertation, a number of tunable and variable optical components have been designed, fabricated and demonstrated. This includes a continuously variable Fourier filter integrated with a photodetector array for multispectral detection, and tunable devices based on phase change materials (PCM) such as switchable Distributed Bragg Reflectors (DBR) using Ge2Sb2Te5 (GST), and switchable wire grid polarizers based on Vanadium dioxide (VO2). This dissertation also includes fundamental studies on the development and patterning of phase change materials including electrically addressable tungsten-doped GST, nano-patterned Sb2Se3, and direct laser patterning of GST films.


Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Nanotechnology, Optics

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