Organizational Culture and Its Impact on An Employee's Sense of Belonging

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Advisor: Ricardo Garcia


This dissertation examines employee sense of belonging and how it is impacted by organizational culture. The purpose of this qualitative, participatory action research (PAR) study was conducted using a narrative research approach to better understand lived experiences of the Lee Service Center (LSC) staff. During this study, purposeful dialogue was had concerning organizational culture, sense of belonging, authenticity, identity, and inclusion in the workplace. The results of the study led to the areas of focus for the action plan to implement intentional and strategic employee resource groups (ERG) at the LSC to increase employee sense of belonging by maximizing staff expertise, amplifying voice, and make it a consistent part of the organizational culture thus creating a more inclusive environment.


Belonging Authenticity Identity Organizational Culture Inclusivity Diversity

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