Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery Scores: Relationship to Academic Success for Air Force Public Health Apprentice Trainees

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Advisor: Kevin Kelly


The present study analyzes the relationship of Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery assessment (ASVAB) in relationship to academic success in Air Force Public Health Apprentice (PHA) technical training. Classification into the PHA career field is based upon a cutoff score of the General composite ASVAB assessment. The ASVAB assessment has four components to the assessment. The PHA course tests students on eight blocks of instruction, running four courses a year. This study looked at two consecutive years of student records, (N=202), and ASVAB scores prior to classification of the PHA career field. The problem being analyzed is to find if there is a correlation between ASVAB scores and success on PHA exams. The results of this study identified a correlation between higher ASVAB General Composite scores and a higher PHA block exam score. Additionally, this study identified a correlation among higher ASVAB Administrative, Electrical, and Mechanical Composite scores and PHA block exam scores. Implications of this study have identified the need for further research to be conducted to analyze further correlations with the ASVAB composites and PHA exam success


ASVAB, Public Health, USAFSAM, Air Force, Success

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