Improving Equity in a College Credit Plus Program at an Urban Midwest School

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Advisor: James Olive


This was a mixed method, Action Research study addressing the foundational research question: What can Education Forward Academy (EFA) (pseudonym) do to improve equity in the College Credit Plus (CCP) Program? To answer this question, both quantitative and qualitative sub-questions were explored. The case study school, EFA, is an urban charter school in the Midwest with approximately 2,000 students who primarily self-identify as Black. After data analysis, seven thematic action plans were created, including 1. Organization and Community Interaction 2. Socio-Emotional 3. Logistical 4. Academic 5. Relevance and Practicality 6. Faculty 7. Personal Action Plan with Scholarly Reflection. Although the action plans are separated for ease of use, some interweaving and overlap of plans is inherent.


College Credit Plus, Dual Enrollment, Equity

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