Radical Missiology: Planting the Seeds of Pneumatological Discipleship and Transformational Leadership

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Advisor: Ricardo Garcia


The goal is to shine light theologically on the role of transformational leadership in the missional church. What concepts about pneumatological discipleship, influence, power, authority, and transformational leadership suit a radically missional church? Radical missional challenges demand new notions about servant and transformational leadership. Pneumatological discipleship, as well as transformational leadership, must reflect the identity, calling, life, and order of the church. This autoethnographic action research project, therefore, addresses life in the Trinity and participation in the Missio Dei and outlines the radically missional church as the point of entry to develop transformational leadership insights and pneumatological discipleship practices. It contributes towards creating an appropriate model of pneumatological discipleship and transformational leadership for radically missional churches. Recent developments in the theology of mission seem to address the area of missional ecclesiology comprehensively. However, there is a gap in the development of pneumatological discipleship and transformational leadership models based on the concept of authority in the radically missional church.


Missiology, Pneumatology, Discipleship, God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Transformational Leadership, Servant Leadership, Faith, Stakeholders, Collaboration, and the Church

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