Economic input-output analysis for battery recycling programs at the higher education institutions and regional sustainability planning

Mohammadhossein Pakravanmobarakeh


This thesis looks to examine the impact that the founding fathers of Glam Rock, T.Rex (Marc Bolan), David Bowie and Lou Reed had on the youth culture during the early 1970's. Along with a lyrical analysis of three of these artists more famous songs, there is also an analytical analysis concerning Bolan, Bowie and Reed in terms of Michel Foucault's theory of the madman. In between each research section, there are two short stories that mirror the research and findings within those sections. This thesis is presented in a digital format to help present the fathers of Glam in a way that gives them justice. When reading my thesis, the audience has the choice of how to read each section. There is a menu at the top of the page with sub-pages that help to break down the writing within each section. Also, within each section there is a piece of multimedia that helps to further present the reader with a well-rounded understanding of the Glam Rock movement.