Mediators and moderators of the association between self-silencing and depression

Corie Elisabeth Tippett


In this manuscript, a real-time Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation for a Constant Modulus Algorithm Equalizer is presented. In many wireless telemetry applications, the presence of multipath in the channel can obscure the intended message. One approach to reduce transmission errors is the application of equalization, with the objective of restoring the received information to an estimate of its original form, prior to demodulation. In situations where no a priori knowledge of the transmission exists, Constant Modulus Algorithm equalizers may be applied, leveraging only the constraint that the ideal transmitted signal exhibits a substantially constant amplitude. The application of the Constant Modulus Algorithm in an FPGA to high bit rate telemetry signals is analyzed, developed and tested. The research and development activity shows that the approach is practical to improve over-the-air bit error rate performance in airborne telemetry applications.