Panel – Mass Displacement and Migration

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Wednesday, November 8th
3:30 PM

Mass Displacement of Destitute People: A Trigger for Non-Refoulement Protection?

Bernardo de Souza Dantas Fico, InterAmerican Court of Human Rights
Leticia Machado Haertel, Ludwig Maximilians Universitat, Munchen

3:30 PM

Cross-National Coverage of Cross-Border Transit Migration: A Community Structure Approach

John C. Pollock, College of New Jersey
Kevin O'Brien, Syracuse University
Madison Ouellette, College of New Jersey
Maria Gottfried, College of New Jersey
Petra Kovacs, Central European University
Lauren Longo, Johns Hopkins University
Taylor Hart-McGonigle, College of New Jersey

3:30 PM

From Stateless to Citizen: Trust, Disclosure, and Collaboration with Guatemalan Refugees as Human Rights Practice

Oscar F. Gil-Garcia, Binghamton University--SUNY

3:30 PM

Factors Affecting Domestic Refugee Policy Development: An Analysis of South Korea’s Case

Yun Ju Kang, Indiana University - Bloomington

3:30 PM