Panel – Framing Rights: Narratives and Advocacy

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Friday, November 10th
8:30 AM

The Power and Pathologies of Language: How Human Rights Messaging Can Also Affect Support for Violent Non-State Actors

Alexandra Haines, The College of Wooster
Michele Leiby, The College of Wooster
Matthew Krain, The College of Wooster

8:30 AM

Transnational Abolitionist Rhetoric to End Modern Slavery

Laura Barrio-Vilar, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

8:30 AM

Transformations of Free Movement: Syrian Refugee Rights within Neoliberal Signal Territories

Jordan Hayes, University of Pittsburgh

8:30 AM

Narrating Human Trafficking: Advocacy Strategies in the Face of Apathy, Invisibility, and Indifference

Kelli Lyon Johnson, Miami University - Hamilton

8:30 AM

The 'Nayirah' Effect: The Role of Target States’ Human Rights Violations and Victims’ Emotive Images in War Support

Joseph Braun, University of Maryland at College Park
Kiyoung Chang, University of Notre Dame

8:30 AM