Panel – Gender, Violence, and Agency

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Thursday, November 9th
10:30 AM

Silenced Agency Gains a Voice?

Katarina Lucas, New School

10:30 AM

Agency, Equality and Courage: A Case Study of Women on the Front Lines of Egypt’s 2011 Revolution

Carol Gray, University of Connecticut

10:30 AM

Invisible Women: Syrian Victims of Gender-Based Violence as a Particular Social Group in U.S. Asylum Law

Sarah Dávila-Ruhaak, John Marshall Law School

10:30 AM

Naming Rape: The Social Practice of Power, Agency, and Victimization in the Italo-Ethiopian War, 1936-1940

Caroline Waldron Merithew, University of Dayton

10:30 AM

Gender, Displacement and Transitional Justice

Sinead McGrath, University College Dublin

10:30 AM