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2019 marks 30 years since the end of the Cold War and the beginning of an era pregnant with promise and potential for human rights, democracy, and global governance.

Yet today, global capitalism drives widening and deepening inequalities. Its dependence on natural resource extraction and exploitation is hastening ecological collapse. Authoritarianism and populism have risen from the rubble of liberalism’s inability to deliver on its pledges. Technology, once promoted as a panacea for transnational boundary breaking and democratization, further empowers the powerful to reshape politics and upend notions of privacy, social life, information, employment, and even biology.

Critics have questioned the relevance of the human rights field in countering these trends. Now is the time for creativity and innovation to confront these systemic challenges with an ambition commensurate to their scale and scope.

It will be the task of this conference to reinvigorate collaborative efforts with hope and vigor, building sustainable movements and disruptive methods even when it means, to quote Pope Francis, “going against the grain.”

The University of Dayton Human Rights Center invites proposals from scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and advocates on a broad array of human rights topics. The Center welcomes both theoretical and applied research proposals that capture important trends in human rights scholarship and research. We encourage the submission of individual papers, complete panels, roundtables, workshops, and practitioner presentations, as well as interdisciplinary and scholar-practitioner collaborations.

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Human Rights Law | International Humanitarian Law | Military, War, and Peace | Other International and Area Studies | Other Political Science | Peace and Conflict Studies | Social Policy | Social Welfare


To submit a paper or proposal, see and click "Submit Paper" in the left sidebar.