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The Social Practice of Human Rights: Charting the Frontiers of Research and Advocacy (University of Dayton)


In late September 2015, the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which sets out a vision for transforming our world. Pope Francis, in addresses before Congress and the United Nations, reiterated the appeals in his apostolic letters The Joy of the Gospel and On Care for Our Common Home for the global community to think of one world with a common plan. This is our agenda for SPHR-’15.

SPHR reflects the University of Dayton Human Rights Center’s mission to advance the theory and practice of human rights advocacy, promote dialogue, forge collaborative partnerships, and focus on the systemic causes of injustice.

SPHR-’15 addresses the challenges and commitments set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To paraphrase Transforming Our World, we are convening the conference to help strengthen the spirit of global solidarity and promote the kinds of collaborative partnerships among all stakeholders that are needed to implement the plan.

SPHR is a multidimensional dialogue between scholars and advocates and between the human rights, development, and ecological communities. We are looking for new approaches and integrated solutions to the challenges facing the global community. We are looking to sustain the dialogue.

The document adopted three years ago at the Rio+20 conference bore the title The Future We Want. The document adopted in New York is Transforming Our World. The message is clear: to achieve the future we want, we must transform the world we have. This is the message that will guide our conversations over the next two days.


This is the program for the 2015 University of Dayton human rights conference, The Social Practice of Human Rights: Charting the Frontiers of Research and Advocacy.

This biennial conference provides a unique space for scholars, practitioners, and advocates to engage in collaboration, dialogue, and critical analysis of human rights advocacy — locally and globally. Learn more about the Human Rights Center at the University of Dayton >>>.


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