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This report is the result of a symposium convened by the University of Dayton Human Rights Center in October 2020. For their contributions to that symposium we thank the following speakers: Allison Varzally, Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, Yen Le Espiritu, Tom Grace, David Cortright, Cynthia Enloe, David Kieran, Patrick Hagopian, Scott Laderman, Andrew Bacevich, Chuck Searcy, Dang Quang Toan, Colleen Murphy, Katherine Gallagher, John Goines III, Ben Schrader, Susan Hammond, Bich-Ngoc Turner, and Tim Rieser. Heather Bowser, Đạt Duthịnh, Garett Reppenhagen, and Mike Boehm enriched the symposium by discussing experiences of advocacy around war legacies; we are particularly thankful for the chance to share their stories here.


Human Rights Law | United States History


The Vietnam Legacies Project uses a transitional justice framework to examine the enduring legacies of America's war in Southeast Asia. This report was completed in collaboration with the Stimson Center, a nonprofit Washington, D.C., think tank. The report is informed by the perspectives of veterans, refugees, and other impacted persons. Key findings were first shared at a scholar-practitioner symposium hosted virtually by the Human Rights Center in October 2020.