The narratives created for this video series are a culmination of an IACT student's three years of applied creative immersion and application of seven key creative competencies. The interviews in this series show how students have made meaning of those skills and their own passion, purpose and possibility.


Submissions from 2022

Ariana is a Super Woman, Ariana Adkins

Sama Becomes a Little Sister, Sama Ahmed

Laura Creates a Safe Space, Laura Bender

Kyla Gets French Braids, Kyla Boehringer

Rich and his Phish Family, Rich Danyko

Bradlee Competes against Himself, Bradlee Elders

Austin Realizes Another Perspective, Austin Eubanks

Kaylin Grows Close to Her Sisters, Kaylin Florentino

Angela Teaches Three Little Girls, Angela Galluzzo

Katie Refuses to Settle, Katie Gawelek

Zach Shows How He Cares, Zach Gilbert

Adrian Changes His Life, Adrian Gomez-Sanchez

Christian Finds the Light, Christian Hobson

Natalie Opens Up about Mental Health, Natalie Northern

Brendan Gets a Free Keychain, Brendan Ochs

Odyssey Learns about Self-Growth, Odyssey Oehme

Simon Avenges the Post Office, Simon Petrick

Sebastian Learns to Love Back, Sebastian Quiñones

Elena Recognizes the Struggle, Elena Ramos

Khori Empathizes with a Cheater, Khori Robinson

Michael Meets a Terminally Ill Man, Michael Saylor

Daisha Thinks Like Her Mom, Daisha Williams

Submissions from 2021

Abby Finds Herself, Abby Almanrode

Em Breaks the School System, Em Buten

Cahlil Focuses on Family and Faith, Cahlil Byrd

Michael Teaches How to Think Systematically, Michael Chase

Sophia Learns from Failure, Sophia Chirumbole

Kat Turns Down Her First Job Offer, Kat Clark

MC Follows Her Passion, Purpose and Possibility, MC Corrigan

Alex Incorporates Applied Creativity into Teaching, Alex Delgrande

Mike Breaks Out of His Small Town and Himself, Michael Dudziak

Myron Balances His Passions, Myron Fletcher

Henry Finds His Purpose, Henry Hart

Evan's Guided Meditation for Busy People, Evan Krimpenfort

Brandy Changes Her Major ... Twice, Brandy Lynch

Sarah Sees Students as More Than a Test Score, Sarah McGonigle

Kylie Redesigns the Engineering Process, Kylie Moellering

Anna Finds Her Vocation, Anna Mumma

Nathan Designs His Own Life, Nathan Northern

Cam Calls for an Actual Anti-Racist University, Cam Nowlin

Carmen's Life as an Empath, Carmen Reed

Amari Stops Hiding in the Shadows, Amari Spears

Justen Learns Four Valuable Lessons, Justen Stall

Claudia Keeps Dancing, Claudia Swinson