2022 Imagining Community Symposium


West Dayton Park and Green Space Ecosystem: An Examination of Places, People and Power

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In the City of Dayton, only 7 percent of land is used for parks and recreational spaces compared to a 15 percent national average, a direct result of redlining, discriminatory zoning and investment practices. This percentage is even lower within West Dayton when considering that parks and green spaces should be well-maintained, accessible, multigenerational and safe. The West Dayton Park and Green Space Ecosystem of The Conscious Connect, Inc., is an initiative that seeks to cultivate public-private partnerships to transform vacant neighborhood spaces into vibrant places. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about the initial plan for the ecosystem and contribute to its long-term vision and viability. Presenters will also share lessons learned from developing four residential pocket parks, building consensus with residents and successfully challenging archaic zoning codes. Additionally, preliminary doctoral action research on Black placemaking in collaboration with grassroots organizations, residents, (quasi) governmental agencies will be shared. Participants will learn about proven impact methods to increase park and green space access, neighborhood pride, tree canopy, owner-occupied homes and safe communities through environmental design and revitalization.

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