2022 Imagining Community Symposium


Crafting Music Community in The Funk City

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Often community is imagined through music. The lyrics of many songs in different genres present a story about a neighborhood, a location, a space. Musicians and other creatives are in a unique position to make real to others the nature of social problems, inequalities and ideas about social justice and resistance. This presentation and discussion will explore how music community has been built in Dayton, and how that effort creates a supportive environment for musicians, artists, photographers, writers and other creatives. Music communities are often invisible to stakeholders and average citizens within the cities they inhabit. A vibrant music experience can be one important characteristic in creating social justice, fostering innovation and contributing to healthy solidarity in a location.

A panel of musicians, promoters and artists will discuss how they see the music communities in Dayton. Finally, a Q&A session will take place to provide an opportunity for reflection on a healthy community and how a vibrant arts and music scene can contribute to that outcome.

Moderator: Art Jipson

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