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This Doll House Nativity, built by Cathy Lincoln and staffed with the figures created by Linda d’Addario and Linda MacDonald of Hestia Creations is a tribute to playfulness and practical sense. Isn’t the doll house an early “construction site” where children, girls especially, learn how to build and furbish a home to make sure it actually applies that there is no place like home? At the same time, doll houses are an invitation to playfulness, the wonderful freedom given to childlike souls, and the conviction that the world, at least the small world of our daily life, can be recreated and refurbished as we go along and move toward the kingdom of God.


Exhibition label originally written by Fr. Johann G. Roten, S.M. for exhibit entitled "At The Manger" and held at Roesch Library, University of Dayton.


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