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ACRL 2021: Ascending into an Open Future


Increasingly, information that was once available in print is now available only online. There are many efforts by librarians to teach students how to evaluate sources, but in order to do that, the sources need to still exist. While librarians and archivists preserve information from the Internet through web archive collections, undergraduate students of this generation may not have considered that things on the Internet do not necessarily remain there forever, and that preservation requires a proactive approach. Through a co-curricular learning experience, a team of librarians and archivists created a self-guided, asynchronous program, Citizen Web Archiving: Preserving Websites for the Common Good, in order to teach students what web archiving is, why it’s important, the ethics of collecting information on the Internet, and how they could contribute to the historical record by archiving websites they deemed important via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.


Presentation was available on demand April 13-16, 2021.