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ALAO 43nd Annual Conference

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Lewis Center, OH


Digital information resources are a vitally important and increasingly large component of academic libraries’ collection and preservation responsibilities. This includes content converted to and originating from digital form (born-digital). Preserving digital material, such as social media and websites, is essential for ensuring that future generations know everyone’s story, especially those groups which have been historically underrepresented in official records. This presentation will detail the steps undertaken by a digital preservation task force to first assess the weaknesses in current practice, and then develop a plan to implement a digital preservation policy and workflow. As part of the project, the task force compiled and evaluated digital preservation policies from several academic libraries, created an RFI, and invited vendors to campus. Initiated by the library, digital preservation involves many stakeholders on campus who were included in this process. Even with varying resources and technical expertise, attendees will be empowered to start the process of creating their own digital preservation policy and plan. Addressing digital preservation is daunting, but the first step is to act.