John S. Stokes

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July 1981


The second letter in a series from John S. Stokes, Jr., founder of the Mary's Gardens movement, to Jane A. McLaughlin, the parish historian at St. Joseph Church in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. In this letter Stokes provided additional background information about the history of Mary Gardens in Woods Hole and Philadelphia. The letter included numerous enclosures, available as separate .pdf files below. These enclosures include copies of correspondence with Mrs. Frank Lillie, Dr. Alfred Emerson, Don Hurford, Father James Galvin, Father Thomas Stapleton, Wilfred Wheeler, Daniel Foley, Dorothea Harrison, Anne Thomas, Margaret Gigger, and Florence Baker, as well as transcribed entries from Stokes's journal and press coverage of Mary Gardens.


Mary's Gardens, Blessed Virgin Mary, biblical gardens, devotional gardens, Marian symbolism, gardening, correspondence, clippings, diaries



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