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In 1972, the Marianists established the Marianist Institute for Christian Renewal, later called the Center for Christian Renewal (CCR), under the auspices of the University of Dayton. The goal of the Center was to be a bridge between the University and the Catholic Church in dialogue and pastoral service. During the next fifty years to the present, the centers and institutes established under the initial CCR connected the University with the Catholic Church in the spirit and charism of the Marianist tradition. The areas of connection include support for social justice issues in Africa and West Dayton; Catholic elementary and secondary education; and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the life of the Church, by offering catechetical conferences, workshops, seminars and developing technology to lead to adult faith formation across the global Catholic Church.

The goal of the CCR and subsequent groups was to combine various elements related to the significant contribution of the Marianist Community and individuals associated with the evolution of the Community’s ministry within the Catholic Church. This great work continues in institutes, centers and UD departments. This document, will ultimately show how the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives, continues the vision and mission of the Center for Christian Renewal today (2023).


Institute for Pastoral Initiatives, Center for Christian Renewal


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