Nearly thirty years ago, a group of young Catholic scholars gathered together to start what would be a long journey. The Reverend Thaddeus Posey convened them in 1978, and they met once again in 1979. They began meeting at that time because they all shared the same vision, to form a theology “that is authentically Black and truly Catholic,” as stated in what would become their Constitution.

More than a decade passed. Then, in 1991, Jamie T. Phelps, O.P., reconvened the group. Since then, the Black Catholic Theological Symposium has met almost every year, developing their vision together and offering mutual support, creating a forum that has allowed them to share ideas, critique each other’s work, find solutions to problems of pedagogy and pastoral concerns, and meet other likeminded scholars with whom they might collaborate. In short, these young Black scholars went about forming their own surrogate academic community, one that could provide all the support that their real academic communities were often failing to do for them.


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