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Claudia Scott, MS, RD, LD, CDCES Clinical Associate Professor University of Houston Rena S. Zelig, DCN, RDN, CDCES, CSG Associate Professor Rutgers University Diane L. Rigassio Radler, PhD, RD Associate Professor Rutgers University


Clinical supervised practice experiences offered through dietetic internships have historically been among the most challenging to obtain. The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the scarcity of these experiences and forced dietetics education programs to offer alternative experiences in the absence of direct patient care opportunities. Simulation-based learning experiences (SBLE) or objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE) are one method of providing these alternative options, and if effective, could be routinely incorporated into dietetics education. This review evaluates five original research articles to determine the effectiveness of simulation-based learning on perceived or observed clinical competence in dietetic students. The findings of the studies unanimously suggest that SBLE is effective for improving clinical competence in this population. Further research with larger, more diverse sample sizes and expanded study designs that include randomized controlled groups are needed to confirm these results.


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