How employees are on-boarded and welcomed into their new positions sets the tone for the culture of a place, the people, and the values of a new institution and can have a significant impact on employees sense of belonging. At Ohio University, the Division of Student Affairs employs approximately 400 staff and annually welcomes around 40-50 new employees a year, 25 of which are College Student Personnel (CSP) graduate students. New employees are welcomed with an ethic of care through a five day onboarding process rooted in Bolman and Deal’s human resource frame. This process includes departmental specific welcomes and trainings, along with division-wide team building, sexual misconduct training, social justice training, and suicide prevention training. This session outlined the correlation with Bolman and Deal’s human resource frame and NASPA/ ACPA competencies as well as lessons learned from implementing such a process, specifically include how these trainings intersect with the learning and development of new professionals.



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