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Exhibit dates: Feb. 8 through April 20, 2023, Stuart and Mimi Rose Gallery and Marian Library Gallery, both in Roesch Library.

Rose Gallery: University of Dayton first-year students in Professor Liz Hutter’s writing seminar curated this display of artifacts from the Marian Library collections. While practicing writing as a model of inquiry and discovery, students wrote narratives to explore what individuals or groups believe about religion, medical expertise, and healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Marian Library Gallery: Materials included in this section of the exhibit feature Mary’s roles in health, healing and rituals — including tarot cards, Catalan goigs and Schluckbildchen. Additional themes include the intersection of Catholic rituals with other faiths and spiritualities, as well as the history of Our Lady of Health across regions and centuries.


Marian Library, Rituals of Healing, Shrines, Catholic Tradition, Miracles, Lourdes