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The Marian Library was founded in 1943 to honor Mary, perpetuate her message and commemorate the contributions of the Society of Mary in the United States. It’s now the largest collection in the world of books and artifacts about the Mother of Christ and has attracted the top Marian scholars for study, research, collaboration, publishing and dialogue.

In this piece, the Marian Library invites all to connect to the vision and fulfill the call of the University of Dayton's Marianist founders to share the knowledge of Mary.

It features an array of photos of Marian Library materials, along with comments from University of Dayton and Marian Library faculty, alumni and students.


Marian Library, library promotional materials


This advocacy/fundraising piece received a national 2017 PR XChange Award from the American Library Association's Library Leadership and Management Association.

  • Project manager: Katy Kelly
  • Writer: Maureen Schlangen
  • Graphic designer: Ann Zlotnik

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