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Brochure promoting the Marian Forum set for Oct. 16, 2015.

Theme: Teaching Mariology in Seminaries.

Presenters: Robert Fastiggi, president of the Mariological Society of America, and Father Benedict O'Cinnsealaigh, rector of the Athenaeum, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Brochure also explains the purpose of the Marian Forum: The purpose of this forum is to take stock of where Mariology stands today. Are there new avenues to be explored? Traditional themes to be revisited with new eyes and updated scholarship? Is there promising research under way and ready to be shared? Are we aware of new or old practical issues and theological problems which should be addressed with new attention and in greater depth? Does the “question of Mary” need a new impulse?


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Graphic designer: Ann Zlotnik

Information about the forum on the brochure:

The forum will be both online and ongoing with a specific assigned theme each session. Why? This format can overcome the difficulties of travel, health, time, money and distance which prevent participants from coming to a specific place. We have studied various options and conclude that tele- conferencing is the best vehicle for communication.

We hope that this will be an ongoing, more frequent format that will indeed allow fresh, new research and creativity in furthering the study and teaching of Mariology.