Instructor's Name

Prof. Nicole Butler



Writing Process

My writing process focused on developing a functional literary analysis of a short story in the novel, “This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen.” I chose the short story titled “The Supper” because I felt I had a great understanding of what the writer was representing with his language. Our instructor provided us with a “Methodology” assignment in a previous class, in order to teach us to look for certain trends and patterns in language that the writer subtly places. Such trends and patterns include: repetitions, binaries, and strands. We were asked to write these trends and patterns down, and tally how many of each was present. If a certain word was repeated several times or common themes were prevalent throughout the story, then it was viewed as significant, rather than just a coincidence. So, I used this same process during my preparation for my final writing assignment. I discovered that a certain word was repeated multiple times and sought the meaning behind this in relation to the context of the story. Another tool our instructor provided for us was a draft she had devised some time ago. It was on a short story in the same novel we were using and its purpose was the same as our assignment. I used her draft as a model for mine. I devised a total of four drafts. The first was peer edited and the final three were revised by my instructor.



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