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Prof. Ann Biswas



Writing Process

I wrote this essay as an assignment for my English class, themed Remix Culture. Throughout the course, we examined the originality and even legality of numerous "remix" art forms from music mash ups to a classic novel. Delving further into the legality aspect, we examined the extent to which different works were plagiarized. Did Robin Thicke steal the beat for "Blurred Lines"? Did Harriet Beecher Stowe write Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Or did God write it, as she claimed? Is anything truly original? Or is everything a derivative of some pre-existing elements? In "It's Not as Simple as It Seems," Leila Christenbury asks these questions, and claims plagiarism is hardly defined. My essay explores her effectiveness in conveying her claim via a close examination of her use of pathos, organization, and ethos.



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