Project Title

Take a CAB





Instructor's Name

Prof. Cody Lyon



Writing Process

This community interactive essay was originally assigned to have students relate readings from Branick and Swales to a discourse community they are a part of. This included collecting data and personal experiences from the chosen community and explaining them to enhance the reader’s understanding of the group. For this assignment, the writing process came relatively easy to me, due to my personal involvement in the topic. I enjoyed having the opportunity to share information about a community I am a part of. I chose to write about the Campus Activities Board because there are so many different aspects I could have focused on, relating to my specific involvement. There was a lot of freedom in deciding what to talk about in this essay. Also, it was refreshing to stray away from the typical formal written essay, and get to use the alternative format of Prezi. I spend a lot of time working on the aesthetics of the Prezi, trying to make it as different and interactive as possible.

Streaming Media