Project Title

Changing Princess Peach





Instructor's Name

Prof. Cody Lyon



Writing Process

The main assignment for this paper was to gather sources from academia and various news sources and create a synthesis argument on a topic dealing with women in a certain field. All of the students chose a topic they felt strongly about and that showed how women have been encompassed in my field. Due to my admiration of video games, I decided to show how specifically female characters were being portrayed in popular titled games. A lot of research came from our presentations we had to do before hand on our topic and further research was done to gather statistics on how many women played video games. After taking a look at my slides and sources, it was easy to mold the body of my paper, adding in sources to spice up my content. At best, it took around four drafts I shared with my professor to get feedback on and six revisions to get it to where my instructor said it would be ready to send in.