Instructor's Name

Dr. Elizabeth Mackay



Writing Process

The purpose of the assignment was to construct a well-researched argument regarding a socially different superhero and their role in society. The argument needed to address the super’s social difference, as well as how that social difference defines the super’s role. Through class brainstorming sessions and individual research, I determined that emerging gender issues in American society and culture would provide the impetus for my investigation. I searched for the quintessential female hero and found Black Widow from the Marvel universe. Black Widow defies the stereotypes of women and superheroes by living within the constraints of both worlds without succumbing to either. To create a complete profile of Black Widow, I researched the character’s background and appearances in both the Marvel comic series and the film franchise. Placing Black Widow in the context of her society and today’s modern society required research on the typical role of female superheroes and how audiences view such heroes. Scholarly sources and popular sources provided the foundations of my research. I refined the argument and revised the paper at the suggestion of peers and my professor.