Instructor's Name

Lindsey Light



Writing Process

Brainstorming was first and foremost. Several ideas and possibilities for my final research paper came to me over a course of about a month before I finally settled on my topic. The next step was a brief outline that helped me visualize the setup for my final product. Formulating a list of unusual and powerful vocabulary was something that I sought out to do for this paper, so I ended up including a list at the end of my outline. My next step was to develop a research proposal, and this ended up being a condensed version of what ended up to be my paper. The next step, and what I saw as the most important step, was gathering scholarly articles as research sources. This took several days, and as I found articles, I took annotations and highlighted valuable quotes. Simultaneously, I drafted an annotated bibliography, something that I found extremely useful when constructing my final paper. After writing several drafts, I used peer edits and family recommendations to make revisions.



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