Instructor's Name

Dr. Elizabeth Ann Mackay



Writing Process

My writing process always begins with a slow start. The first steps of this historiography were spread over a long period of time, with a majority of the essay being written within a couple of weeks. I begin by choosing a topic for my paper which I selected from a list of options collected during the preliminary research period. Once I decided on the Election of 1876 and the Compromise of 1877, I drafted a topic proposal and a list of sixteen potential research sources from online databases and the library. From the potential sources, I narrowed my research to nine, keeping in mind when they were written and their cohesiveness. With these nine sources, I summarized them and sorted them into interpretive categories as I created an annotated bibliography. After the completion of my annotated bibliography, the writing of my paper gained momentum. In the next step, I transformed my annotative bibliography into a draft of my complete historiography by revising my introduction, formulating a thesis, expanding on my interpretive categories, and developing an argumentative conclusion. Between each step of this process I met with my professor to improve my writing and with her support and guidance, I was able to successfully complete my historiography.



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