Marian Forum 2021: Music and Art Presentation

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Music performed by Scott Paeplow, UD Undergraduate Music Ministers

Images from the Marian Library’s art, archival, and rare books collections

Works listed in order of appearance:

Music: Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)


  • The Annunciation, Jan Oliver-Schultz
  • Mater Inviolata, Enzio Anichini, from Litanie della Madonna
  • Zambian postage stamp, artist unknown
  • The Annunciation, Masolino da Panicale (print of 1425-30 original)
  • La Anunciacion, Rubén Moreira
  • Annunciation, O-sek Bang
  • The Annunciation, Mary Grace Thul
  • The Annunciation to Mary – Lily and Violet, Holly Schapker

Music: The angel Gabriel from heaven came (Sabine Baring-Gould)


  • Die Verkündigung Mariä, Gustave Dore (engraving from the Dore Bible)
  • Annunciation #2, Joan Bolig
  • Annunciation, Bethlehem Sisters of Mougères
  • Annunciation fragment from a 15th century book of hours, the Masters of the Gold Scrolls Workshop (ML-RB Annunciation 1440z)
  • Montserratian postal stamp, artist unknown
  • Holy card, artist unknown
  • Holy Family, Beate Heinen (postcard)
  • Blessed art Thou Among Women, Jan Oliver-Schultz

Music: Ave Maria (Daniel Kantor)


  • Annunciation, Patrick Pye
  • Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Helen Foley
  • Adoration postcard, Sister Marie Boniface
  • Madonna and Child postcard, Marc Chagall
  • The Annunciation (Arpillera Wall Hanging), Karen Wang
  • Magnificat, Elizabeth Obbard
  • Canadian postage stamp, Jean Dallaire
  • White Blossoms Covered Mary – Star of Bethlehem, Holly Schapker


Catholic Studies | Christianity

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